Ophelia’s requiem, a poem in three acts



After my sun lied
After my tears dried
After my soul died
The darkness
Made love to me.
The ground enclosed me.
And I am there.
I am rooted
I stand naked
And tied.

I still hold
Onto your memories
Which “I have longed
To redeliver”. (*)
The time of my rise
I will breath you in
Like I own you
My life.
Turn around!
Let me see
Those eyes
Those celestial eyes
Before I devour them.

(*): Ophelia’s words when she attempted to return Hamlet’s letters. Also known as “the nunnery scene” Hamlet mistreats Ophelia and demands to commit herself in a nunnery, either a monastery or a brothel (in Elizabethan English). This heated tête-à-tête was the first and the last one between the two characters; Hamlet kills Ophelia’s father believing he was Claudius and then, he departs for England. Ophelia gets mad and drowns or kills herself by water. Ophelia’s maltreatment throughout the nunnery scene is probably another reason she loses her mind. Her bawdy songs before she dies narrate her deflowering and erotic frustration by her lover– Hamlet.

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