Bewitching thoughts


Lying down with her hair–
Of fiery red points, of golden joints–
She envisages
His tender fingertips
Tracing the mystical alleys
Of her breast valley.
She turns aside
And in her mind’s eye
She straddles his brain
She seduces his pain.

The night is coming–
A sudden tidal wave
Of all things unnamed–
She bits her lower lip in angst
Releasing a perpetuating
Powerful gasp

Her dreams consist of
Besieged fortresses and melted moons.
Vigorously she unlocks
The veiled door,
She breaks it open
To tender herself next to his lakeshore.


(*) A collection of poems giving fragments of one heroine’s life upon experiencing intimate sexual fantasies or/and sexual intercourse with an unidentified male. The number of the to be written poems under this title is still unknown, but the main concern will be on the amazing fulfillment female bodies experience when stimulated.

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