The man made of massive stars


He chants the galaxy

In wishful thinking
He sings asteroid tunes
With his velvet kissing,
He sounds mesmerizing

Almost alien
To her unblemished ears,
He belongs
To the center of the Sun;
He’s a turmoil of extraterrestrial tears.
When supernovae fall

And crash around her
In beautiful, ecstatic moans
He tilts his head
And steps closer to her riverbed
To weave his way
Through her black, untended mass
Like some young frontier

Of meticulous lust.



(*)A collection of poems giving fragments of one heroine’s life upon experiencing intimate sexual fantasies or/and sexual intercourse with an unidentified male. The number of the to be written poems under this title is still unknown, but the main concern will be on the amazing fulfillment female bodies experience when stimulated. If you would like to read the first poem of the series, please click here

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